Dear members of the Czech road company, dear colleagues, friends,

This year we have many new challenges, and at the same time we transmit a lot of tasks and duties from the last year.

As chairman of the CSS, I am very pleased that we are expanding our work and increasingly fulfill the mission and duties of the professional organization.

Last year we met at the summer, very successful and enriching, "road" in Ostrava. We published, from my point of view, an amazing book "Traffic Engineering". Travel rodeo and professional seminars are further expanding, we have deepened cooperation with regions and schools and many of us have fulfilled the dream of a successful organization of the 27th World Congress in Prague (WRC 2023), which welcomed together over 6,000 delegates and students.

This comprehensive range of activities is undoubtedly allowed by our partners from companies and state administration, thanks to which I am able to expand and innovate the work of our company. Thank you very much for this support on behalf of your company and on behalf of our company!

This year we are celebrating a big jubilee - we have been the 1990s! Therefore, we dared to create a new logo that accentuates this longevity and continuity.

With the road conference we are returning to our classic October term and we would like to work into it new experience, which also indicates its motto "from the world to regions" and we hope that you will like the prepared changes. And we hope that we will be able to improve the conference.

The success of WRC 2023 is a commitment to attempting to strengthen our position in international structures. We want to bring our members professional outputs and reports from international projects and technical committees. Therefore, we decided to formalize and strengthen the position of the national committee led by Ing. Vaclav Nevirta, CSc. I am very glad that the Ministry of Transport, Road and Motorway Directorate and State Fund of Transport Infrastructure, which is also reflected in the composition of the executive bodies of this working group. Our goal is to organize international meetings and seminars to help us confront our practices and knowledge with the best world experts on given topics.

We must not forget the young generation, and cooperation with students becomes one of the core topics of the Czech road company. We believe that our activities will bring more students to the AUL technical universities and more young people to the whole field of road construction and transport infrastructure.

Thank you for your support and we believe that we will have a successful period for transport infrastructure and road economy.

Ing. Petr Monschein, Ph.D.
Chairman of the Czech Road Society, z.s.