Ground work, Drainage and Substructure.

The Groundwork, Drainage, and Substructure section functions as a link between the World Road Association (PIARC) and the professional community within the Czech Republic. It plays a role in shaping and communicating Czech viewpoints during the adoption of international regulations. Moreover, it serves as an avenue for the transmission of field advancements and the propagation of the importance of expert problem-solving concerning drainage, earthworks, and substructures among CSS members. To accomplish these goals, the section organizes professional seminars and actively participates in CSS-organized events.

doc. RNDr. František Kresta

Chairman of the Ground work, Drainage and Substructure Professional Section

Program of Section Activities

  • Acting as a bridge between PIARC and the professional public in the Czech Republic:
    • disseminating information about field advancements.
    • formulating and submitting Czech opinions and commentary.
    • contributing to the establishment of international regulations and standards.
    • active participation in the creation of European standards in the field of earthworks - membership in TC 396 Earthworks at CEN in Brussels
  • Association with CSS:
    • enhancing awareness and acknowledgment of the significance of expert solutions for drainage, earthworks, and substructures amongst CSS members.
    • actively engaging in CSS organized events.
  • Educational activity:
    • continuing the legacy of organizing one-day professional seminars.
    • utilizing progressive information technologies, such as the internet, for the dissemination of professional insights.
    • organization of the 5th International Seminar on Earthworks in Europe, April 21-22, 2022, in Prague.

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