Cement-Concrete Pavement.

The Cement-Concrete Pavement section prioritizes the exchange of experiences in various areas, including road repairs, anti-skid properties, aggregates for cement-concrete surfaces, and tunnel considerations. It actively engages with new European standards ČSN EN and takes part in their five-year reviews post-implementation. This involvement is pivotal in revising the technical qualitative conditions of structures related to cement-concrete surfaces, addressing issues such as fault catalog sheets, repairs, reconstruction, maintenance, and the alkaline-water reaction in concrete. Additionally, the section leverages its construction and repair expertise to contribute to the publication of professional articles. It also remains attuned to global industry trends and incorporates international insights into its practices.

Ing. Stanislav Bedřich

Chairman of the Cement-Concrete Pavement Professional Section

Program of Section Activities

  • Experience exchange (introducing ČSN EN standards, new/revised ČSN standards, aggregates for cement-concrete covers, anti-skid properties, repairs, tunnel concerns)
  • Active participation:
    • in the accumulation of five years' worth of experience with European standards (revision after five years of practical implementation)
    • in the revisions of technical qualitative conditions of structures related to cement concrete covers. Includes repairs, reconstruction, cataloging faults, treatment, and addressing alkaline-silica reactions in concrete
  • Monitoring the evolution of concrete pavements worldwide and adapting this knowledge for practical application within our regulations and implementation
  • Publication of professional articles, sharing experiences and novel insights derived from the construction and repair of cement-concrete covers

Articles in Road Horizon magazine

Section posts

Invitation to a meeting of the CB COVERS SECTION 17.1.2018

17. 1. 2018

The program of the section of the cement -concrete pavement section, which takes place on 17.1.2018 from 10:00 am on Novotný footbridge 5, Prague in room 220.

Česká silniční společnost z.s.
Novotného lávka 200/5, 110 00 Praha 1
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