Road Bridges.

The Road Bridges section plays a role in disseminating information related to scientific and research projects in this area. It engages in collaborative efforts with universities and the Association for Transport Telematics of the Czech Republic. This collaboration extends to guiding the development of transport telematics standards within the ISO and Price Technical Commission. The section shares information through contributions to the Road Horizon magazine, participation in professional seminars and workshops, and keeping professionals informed about the activities of the Technical Committee of the World Road Association (PIARC).

Ing. Jan Volek

Chairman of the Road Bridges Professional Section

Program of Section Activities

  • Collaborating in publishing articles for the Road Horizon magazine.
  • Active involvement in organizing professional seminars and workshops.
  • Collaboration with the Association for Transport Telematics of the Czech Republic.
  • Disseminating knowledge of Transport Telematics Standards addressed within the ISO and Price Technical Commission.
  • Supporting and disseminating information about scientific and research projects, fostering university partnerships.
  • Providing updates on the activities of the PIARC Technical Committee.
  • Managing the section's website on the CSS server.

List of active section members

Karel Dahinter

Zdeněk Hlasivec

Václav Hvízdal

Jiří Chládek

Pavel Mařík

František Mašek

Jan Švarc

Jan Volek

Dana Wangler

Articles in Road Horizon magazine

Section posts

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