Professional Sections.

The Czech Road Society leads 12 professional work sections that are engaged in important aspects of road. Their task is to inform and promote requirements and in specific areas. The management of the sections is held by experts on the issue and active members participate in activities.


The Environment section is an emerging division that will focus on sustainability and ecology in alignment with contemporary trends.

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Economy and Building Management

The recently established Economy and Building Management section is dedicated to economic subjects, with a specific focus on the evolution of prices in traffic construction.

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Transport Telematics and Systems

The professional section of Transport Telematics and Systems focuses on the fostering of cooperation in the field of intelligent traffic systems on Czech roads.

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Road and Urban Transport Engineering (SAMDI)

The Road and Urban Transport Engineering section concentrates on educating transport engineers through professional seminars and publications. It showcases its expertise at events such as the Traffic Engineering Days in Mikulov and the Road Conference.

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Management and Maintenance of Communications

The Management and Maintenance of Roads section addresses safety concerns on Class I roads, roadside trees, and the establishment of green central belts. Additionally, it hosts an annual seminar that discusses current topics in road administration and maintenance.

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Cement-Concrete Pavement

This section focuses on various aspects, including road repairs, anti-skid properties, aggregates for cement-concrete surfaces, and tunnel considerations. It also engages with new European standards ČSN EN and participates in revisions of technical and qualitative conditions of structures.

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Asphalt Roads

The Asphalt Road section actively participates in the revision of European standards and organizes thematic workshops. Another significant activity of the section is the organization of the Asphalt Road Conference which shares its name.

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Surface Properties of Roads

The Surface Properties of Roads section is dedicated to data collection in connection with road management systems. It also actively participates in discussions of national regulations through its role in the National Application Team (NAT) for EN and ISO standards.

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Road Tunnels

The primary focus of this professional section is tunnel safety. As part of its initiatives, it has established numerous collaborations with the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic, the Transport Police and the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic.

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Ground work, Drainage and Substructure

The primary focus of this section is directed towards the professional public in the Czech Republic. Itformulates and translates Czech viewpoints for PIARC, while also disseminating information on drainage, earthworks and substructions among CSS members.

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Traffic Safety

The mission of this professional section is to ensure the safety and well-being of road users. It concentrates on analyzing accident trends on Czech Republic roads and collaborates with the Ministry of Transport to support the BESIP 2021-2030 strategy.

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Road Bridges

The Road Bridges professional section cooperates with universities and the Association for Transport Telematics of the Czech Republic. Together, they contribute to the development of transport telematics standards, addressing issues within the technical committees of ISO and acknowledging outstanding contributions through awards.

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