Asphalt Roads.

An important activity of the Asphalt Road section is the biennial Asphalt Road Conference, which convenes in alternating odd years within a two-year calendar cycle. This section remains highly supportive of delegates representing the World Road Association (PIARC) and maintains collaborative partnerships with academic institutions. Additionally, it actively engages in the evolution of European standards through participation in their revisions. Noteworthy are the thematic workshops the section organizes.

Ing. Petr Mondschein, PhD.

Chairman of the Asphalt Roads Professional section

Program of Section Activities

  • Biennial Event: Asphalt Roads Conference (odd years within the two-year cycle)
  • Other Notable Activities:
    • offering substantial support to representatives of the Technical Committee of the World Road Association (TC AIPCR)
    • collaborative involvement in the revision process of European standards
    • arranging workshops with specific thematic focuses
    • strengthening collaboration with universities

Articles in Road Horizon magazine

Section posts

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