Published by the Czech Road Society z.s., the Road Horizon is a professional monthly publication that delves into topics such as roads, bridges, tunnels, traffic safety, and transport engineering. Its contributors include experts in the field, practitioners, university educators, CSS members, and other contributors. To contribute and publish articles, it is important to adhere to a specific format, which is detailed below.

The Road Horizon can be ordered as individual copies or through an annual subscription. A single copy is priced at CZK 73.91, VAT included. An annual subscription is offered at a 5.15% discount at CZK 841.50, VAT included. Postage charges apply for subscriptions to the Slovak Republic.


Current Issue

You can find the latest issue on this page. If you haven't purchased a subscription yet, please use the order form provided here. If you don't see the current magazine issue, please log in to your account.


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Submission guidelines

Our editorial team is committed to shaping the Road Horizon magazine to meet readers' expectations while aligning with the standards of other professional journals.

Our goal is to engage not only readers, who are professional supporters, but also you – our valued contributors, experts in the field. Alongside this, we provide guidelines to facilitate a seamless submission process to our editors.


Explore past issues of the Road Horizon in the freely available archive. We are continuously expanding and digitizing older magazine issues. You can search for individual articles in the database using keywords or authors.

Current Year

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History of the Road Horizon

In April 2022, 100 years have passed since the establishment of the Road Horizon, the magazine for Czech and Slovak road workers. However, during these 100 years, only 83 annual editions were published, as the fate of the magazine depended on the events and changes in our republic. The loss of 17 editions was caused by the German occupation and restrictive government orders in the 1950s.

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