Dear colleagues, dear colleagues, supporters and friends of the Czech road company,

At the time of the ongoing pandemic, where the activities of industrial production, services, teaching at all types of schools are also affected and limited and limited by the activities of the CSS company and its branches. Despite the pitfalls, the Bureau, the professional section and the secretariat of the company continue to work.

Another issue of the road horizon was implemented without disruption and outage. I have to say with great pleasure that the CSS was published by a professional publication doc. RNDr. Františka Kresta, Ph.D. Earth's adjustment. You will be able to buy this in the future at professional events organized or co -organized by the CSS. Alternatively, you can get information about the publication and the possibility of ordering it here on the company's website. The two -part publication of transport engineering under the leadership of Ing. Dagmar Kračárková.

Due to the declaration of the emergency condition, it was canceled respectively. A number of professional events moved. These were seminars current issues of road administration and maintenance and traffic engineering days, conference with international participation of cross -border cooperation, all moved to next year. The workshop with the topic of the topics of world road congresses will most likely be moved as a separate block at the road conference, which will take place in Olomouc on 21 - 22.10. 2020. The organization of the conference, professional program, accompanying exhibition is active. Information on the conference will be gradually published on the new

The CSS works continuously on the preparations of the World Congress in 2023 in Prague. The main objective of this year is to get the event among experts in the Czech and Slovak Republics and to find out interest, or obstacles in their participation in Congress. Every year we will organize a meeting of the professional public with representatives of both countries in Piarc. Unfortunately, this year's meeting had to be canceled due to the situation.

The CSS announced the third year of the competition for the best dissertation in road construction in 2020. Detailed information on the competition and the application for the competition can be foundhere.

CSS draws attention toBinding instructions for the provision of payments for difficult conditions in the implementation of constructions of transport and water infrastructure and extension of contractual deadlines for the fulfillment of the Contractor for the ČR, SŽ and RVC.More detailed information can be found on ourwebsite.

Finally, I would like to wish you health and strength in returning to everyday life.

Petr Mondschein
Chairman of the CSS