The introductory word of the chairman of the CSS.

Dear members of the Czech road company, dear colleagues, friends, this year we have many new challenges, and at the same time we carry a lot of tasks and duties from the last year.
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Czech Road Society.

Road management experts.
Together since 1934.
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Road Horizon Magazine

Published by the Czech Road Society z.s., the Road Horizon is a professional monthly publication covering topics such as roads, bridges, tunnels, traffic safety, and transport engineering. Its contributors include experts in the field, practitioners, university educators, CSS members, and other contributors.


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Since 1934, the Czech Road Society has united experts from various backgrounds, including engineers, technicians, students, and workers dedicated to road management.

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Personalities who drive our mission

Ing. Luděk Bartoš, Ph.D.

Vědecký tajemník

EDIP, s.r.o.

Ing. Denisa Cihlářová, Ph.D.


Department of Transportation, Fast, VŠB-TU Ostrava

Ing. Petr Čížek


Association for road construction

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